The Portuguese Coastal Way to Santiago


This is a country that has the oldest borders in Europe, with an exceptional range of different landscapes, lots of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage.


Experiences that take place in natural settings with an emphasis on understanding and conserving natural environments

From 976


Portuguese Coastal Way is a hiking route linking the major town of Porto to Santiago de Compostela, along the beautiful old Saint James path. Every day is a different scenery, offering countryside and ocean views, towns and cities rich in culture and filled with the camino spirits. Churches, monuments, old crosses will tell the history of this less trodden way until you arrive at Obradoiro Square, just in front of Saint James Cathedral, in the hearth of Santiago of Compostela. You will experience the true way, away from the crowds and near yourself.



17Days & 16Nights






Porto City / Santiago de Compostela


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  • Religious architecture
  • Countryside
  • Ocean views
  • Medieval Towns
  • Porto & Santiago de Compostela UNESCO center
  • The Saint James Way

The Portuguese Coastal Way is a Saint James pilgrimage route that follows along most of the way to the coastline of Portugal and Spain’s Galicia.


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SUPERIOR (3*/ 4*) Porto: Hotel Teatro / Matosinhos: Eurostar Matosinhos/ Vila do Conde: Villa C Boutique Hotel 4* / Esposende: Suave Mar Hotel 3*/ Viana do Castelo: Melo Alvim Boutique Hotel 4*/ Vila Praia de Ancora: Hotel Meira 4*/ A Guarda: San Benito Hotel Historico / Oia: Hotel Glasgow 3*/ Baiona: Pazo Mendonza/ Vigo: Zenith Hotel 4*/ Redondela: Pazo Torre de Agrelo / Pontevedra: Galicia Palace Hotel 4* / Caldas de Reis: Posada Real 4* / Padrón: Pazo de Lestrove 4* / Santiago: Hotel Virxe da Cerca 4* COMFORT (2*/3*) Porto: Hotel América 3* / Matosinhos: Hotel O Valentim 3*/ Vila do Conde: Hotel Brazão 3* / Esposende: Suave Mar Hotel 3* / Viana do Castelo: Hotel Rali Viana 3*/ Vila Praia de Ancora: Hotel Meira 4* / A Guarda: Hotel Villa da Guarda2*/ Oia: Hotel Glasgow 3* / Baiona: Hotel Baia Bayona 3* / Vigo: Hotel Sercote três luces 3* / Redondela: / Pontevedra: / Caldas de Reis: / Padrón: / Santiago: BASIC (Guesthouse, 1*& 2*) Porto: Hotel Paulista 2* / Matosinhos: Hotel Senhor de Matosinhos 2* / Vila do Conde: Hotel Brazão 3* / Esposende: Hotel Mira Rio 2* / Viana do Castelo: Hotel Jardim 2* / Vila Praia de Ancora: quim Barreiro Guesthouse / A Guarda: Hotel Villa da Guarda 2*/ Oia: Hotel Costa verde 2* / Baiona: hotel 3 Carabelas 2*/ Vigo: Hotel Panton 2* / Redondela: Hotel santo Apostolo 1* / Pontevedra: Hotel Alda Estacion 2* / Caldas de Reis: Hotel O Cruceiro 1* / Padrón: Hotel Rosalia 2* / Santiago: Hotel Windsor 2*

From the Cathedral of Porto the path follows north longing the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes a few meters from the waves. He joins small towns and fishing related villages. Medieval character is well noticeable in many of the stops along the Pilgrim route. This Camino enters Galicia via Ferry and after a few more days along the sea it merges with the Portuguese traditional Camino near Redondela and finishes by the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela.


    Day 1 Porto Arrival

    After arriving at Porto airport or Train Station, a transfer will drive you to your Hotel.

    Day 2: Porto to Matosinhos (11.6km)

    The Sé Cathedral is your true starting point of this pilgrimage toward Santiago de Compostela. Overlooking the Douro and the Ribeira quarter this XIIIc. Church is a symbol of your hike start. Your first steps are into the UNESCO world heritage old Porto, down to the river and across the old medieval town. As you go along the Douro towards its river mouth, to the Atlantic, the city gets younger but always linked to the river and sea. Old defense fortress are set along the way, first the Foz and then as you reach Matosinhos the Castelo do Queijo fort that mark the end of Porto. Matosinhos is well known for the fishing port but also for the Scallop that represents the Pilgrim, it is here that the legend of the Scallop started. By the beach of Matosinhos 2 millenniums ago…

    Day 3: Matosinhos to Vila Do Conde (22.8km)

    The crossing of the level bridge lead you to the gentle stroll of the day. Along the sea and following the well define path over the dunes, small beach and villages. Leça is just across the bridge and is just the day start. Other like Angeira beach town and his little fishing port or the iron settlement of São Paio near Labruge are places of history, from before the romans to the second world war plane crashes… You will also cross protected areas of dunes, that are a bird sanctuary, along the well-kept footpath. And to finish the day, Vila do Conde the former shipyard of the XVc. Caravels….

    Day 4:Vila do Conde to Esposende (26.2Km)

    Vila do Conde, once an important port of northern Portugal, have a lot to visit, from the sea museum and the Caravel and the Santa Clara convent, just on top of the hill. Take your time as you continue north, Povoa de Varzim is a fishing port and the vessels in the port wait for the fog to clear. The path is going along the coast, some more rugged and some more sandy along the Atlantic. On the way you cross the Littoral Norte Natural reserve, area where man and conservatism are hand to hand. The little parcels of farmland, growing vegetables, onions, potatoes and a lot more are also dedicated to preservation of this sandy soil, and dunes. A resting place for so many species… The Cávado Estuary is your ending for the day, as Esposende sits on its margins in a wonderful place to have a rest between sea and river...

    Day 5: Esposende to Viana do Castelo (24.2Km)

    This day will leave the waves and goes a little more inland to get back to the sea at the end of your day. Cobbled surface is the standard of your day as you are passing villages along the way. It follows the ancient way, and one river cross will be the best image of that, over the Neiva River, and not far ahead the Benedictine Monastery of São Romão do Neiva. As the day approaches the Lima river estuary offers us wonderful sights of Viana and the surroundings. Eye catching is the Zimborio on top of the hill overlooking Viana do Castelo. The train passes over the same bridge we en-ter the city, one of the Eiffel works in Portugal. Viana, short as Portuguese call, is one amazing melt of mountain, river and sea, along with one of the best-preserved old town centers of the Minho. A delight for the eye, to stroll by the end of the day….

    Day 6: Viana do Castelo to Vila Praia de Ancora (20.8Km)

    Across the old town center of Viana to reach the sea front by the old XVIIc. Fortress time to enjoy this typical architecture of Portugal’s Minho Region. The granite stone, the narrow buildings with huge their white windows are so characteristic of these towns…. The wave sound will be present all day as the path is meters away from them, make sure the day is not stormy!! Sea is always nearby, the Montedor lighthouse is a reminder of the long fate histories of these seas… Vila Praia de Ancora is another little place along the seashores of Minho. The sandy beach only sees bathing by July and August as the north wind seems to be milder….

    Day 7: Vila Praia de Ancora to A Guarda (13.7Km)

    After your last breakfast in Portugal time to reach Galicia, Spain. It is at Caminha, a wonderful medieval town by the river Minho, that you catch the ferry to Spain, just across. Take your time as the day is shorter… The pleas- ant town offers a lot to visit… The other side is not running short of things to do, as you arrive to A Guar- da. If you still have strength go to the hilltop and find yourself 2500 years back in time, in one of the best-preserved iron settlements of Iberia. And nonetheless wonderful views over the surroundings. A Guarda and his small fishing port is a reminder of the wonderful fish that one can have around…. Less mundane, is the main Church well worth a visit.

    Day 8: A Guarda to Oia (17.6Km)

    Starting toward the fishing port instead of crossing the town, the path will follow all day long the shores of Galicia. A more rugged scenery of the battling waves against the rocky land is our company along the scallop way. A XIIc. Monastery will catch the eye as it’s fighting the wave in a more un- settle weather. Santa Maria de Oia Monastery is one unique sight and reminder of the path of Saint James or the first Christian settlers driven by the Cistercians monks to these areas. Exiting the Monastery cove along little walled ways of farmland you’ll reach your destination of the day, and a well-deserved rest.

    Day 9: Oia to Baiona (15.7Km)

    Another coastal walk is waiting for you. Following between the hill and the wave, you almost reach cape Sillero, and his lighthouse. From this point you enter a little more inland to avoid the cape. As you descend to Baiona, the views are stunning, with one amazing scenario of sea, islands, and land. At the Rias end, the Cies Island offers this fantastic picture, if the weather is clear!! Not far Baiona, another beautifully situated town. A small, pleasant port, an amazing medieval old town center and beautiful fortress. The perfect place to hang out and rest or find a nice restaurant or pub to enjoy a late after- noon and evening.

    Day 10: Baiona to Vigo (25.2Km)

    This day is more up the hill as you leave the beach and coast to a more in- land hike. As you cross the bridge near Ramallosa, Baiona bay is left behind. The rural Galicia of scattered houses and small fields, vineyards, vegetables or other are cultivated in these small parcels. Between these areas small patches of woods, Eucalyptus or pine trees are the most common. From the hillside you can still view the island, the sea and all the scenery…. Vigo is the goal of the day, probably the second biggest city of Galicia after Coruña. The commercial port is very busy and this from ages, as the place was occupied by Celts, Romans, Visigoths and even saw the Vikings once or twice… Your hotel is not far from the old town center, pay a visit to the castle, and narrow streets of the old town near the port.

    Day 11: Vigo to Redondela (22.2Km)

    The ria of Vigo will be the main scenery of the day, this long Spanish fjord, goes inland as far as Arcade Town, kms away from the Atlantic. Along the border of the hills well above the sea line, the way makes it toward Redondela. The first part is in Vigo itself, and as you exit this urban area you enter a forested area and a dirt track that is very pleasant to make, as it’s between trees and away from the hot sun. Redondela is another town in Galicia that for centuries was and still is a confluence of roads. It is here in Redondela, near the Albergue in the medieval town by the river, that both Portuguese path merge to become just one. Coastal and Portuguese way is now one going north to Obradoiro Square in Santiago. Your accommodation is out of Redondela, by the Ria a few kilometers away...

    Day 12: Redondela to Pontevedra (14.3Km)

    Back to the forest track just out of the logging, toward one of the smallest days of your entire journey and Pontevedra! Up the hill to Arcade, along the forest to reach the end of the Ria and cross the Sampaio Bridge at Arcade, one from the XVIc. It is here to help you get over Verdugo River to one of the oldest part of this Saint James way, the roman way. This part of the way was the Vía XIX that came all the way from Braga (Pt) to Lugo and As- torga. This part goes up through forest and rural countryside. A peaceful part of the Camino that ends up in the 80000 inhabitants of Pontevedra. Pontevedra is a magnificent place to hang out by the end of this small day, a lot of history is present in the old centre, from churches to monasteries and narrow streets...

    Day 13: Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis (22.6Km)

    After your breakfast feeling full energized you will start one of the longest days. The experience goes through old railways, rural paths and wetlands. Place of hundreds of species and biodiversity, you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and natural landscapes. Perfect to explore with all your senses step by step you get closer to Caldas dos Reis, the final destination of the day. A few kilometres from Caldas de Reis there is the waterfall and the watermills system of Barrosa river, have a look before check in your hotel.

    Day 14: Caldas de Reis to Padrón (20Km)

    Now on your 14th day, you begin with a nice walk along agriculture fields, in this fertile land with thermal waters. Toward Valga the path goes into a very scenic scenery by the river and dark forest. Out of this forest and along little roads you reach Pontecesures, a place full of religious architecture. Crossing the river reach Padrón, your last stop before Santiago de Compo- stela, this town has beautiful gardens and monuments all around. Look for typical food and delight with great dinner.

    Day 15: Padron to Santiago de Compostela (25.3Km)

    Today is your last day of hiking adventure! Santiago awaits you just 25km ahead. The day to reach Santiago de Compostela is probably the longest one, not about the kilometers but mindset. The path leaves the town of Padrón going up north to the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, episcopal center before its transfer to Santiago de Compostela. Soon you reach the outskirts of Santiago. In the afternoon feel free to explore Santi- ago, the old quarter and the rest there is a lot to see.

    Day 16: Discover Santiago de Compostela

    Welcome to Santiago de Compostela! Today is dedicated to walk along the old town centre. If you want to stamp your pilgrim passport is also the best time to do it and find the certificate. Santiago is well worth a day, from the old part and the related religious buildings to the newly museum of the Galician people. Have some time to enjoy a good meal to the sound of the pipes.

    Day 16: End of Tour

    Every tour comes to an end. After Check out we will transfer you to the airport, train or bus station.


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