Wine & Hiking Portugal


Wine & Hiking Portugal

Wine of northern Portugal & Galicia tour will allow you to hike along some of the denominated wine regions of both countries. As you walk along the scenic wine regions have time to taste some of these unique wines. Many of them not known to most of wine lovers. Explore the beautiful green scenic north of Portugal. Taste Alvarinho grapes and delightful green wine. In Spain, Galicia, taste the Ribeiro wine. Find yourself in a granitic region and hike along vineyards and small villages and towns. Ribeira Sacra, 2000 years old area of wine history, hike the slopes of the Heroic Viniculture with the river Sil as scenic contrast. The Douro already back into Portugal. Is a unique and the oldest denomination for wines, since de 1700's. From the Porto wine to the table wines that today make this region a must see, find the different wine as you hike… Taste wines in Portugal wine villages, and find historical sites in both sides of the border, monasteries, villages and towns all linked to the wine and is culture.
Find yourself Hiking in Portugal and Galicia, enjoy the people and their culture while having a glass of wine…

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Groups     Personalizados 8 -16

Duration  13 Días

Dates     2020

Start/End  León - Santiago - Finisterre

Difficulty Media











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Day 1: Oporto

Join the group and tour leader at Porto. We have a spot to leave the luggage. After a welcome briefing, we will have lunch and know each other a little better. The afternoon is dedicated to walk along the historical Porto. Find the old XIII C. town, have an insight about the history and enjoy this beautiful city. At the end of the afternoon we will be transfer to Monção, in the north of Portugal. Monção is a mediaeval town on the border of Portugal and Spain. 12h00 Meeting with Clients at Hotel/Lounge 12h30 Lunch 14h00 Visit Porto + Wine tasting 17h30 Transfer to Monção (140km – 1h30min) 19h00 Check In Hotel 20h30 Diner Included » Lunch + Wine tasting + Diner.

Day 2: Green Wine Region

The Minho region and here we are at the Alvarinho wine region. Alvarinho is a type of grape that belong to the green wines. Monção is the perfect spot to start the day and find about this wine. We Hike along the greens of Portugal northest region. We will have a good insight about how the vines are taken care and hike along the vineyards. We will stop and visit the Brejoieira Palace. They have their own production, in a very beautiful Wine Estate. Once back at Monção, why not a visit at the Alvarinho museum and wander in late afternoon by the river Minho and the ramparts of Monção Town 9h00 Transfer to Hike Start (15min) 9h30 Circular Hike HIKE | 13.3km | 4H - 5H | +290m | -290m Includes wine tasting and visit at Palacio da Brejoeira Wine Estate 17h00 End Hike 17h15 Transfer to Monção (15min) 20h00 Diner Included » Breakfast + Lunch box + Wine tasting + Diner.

Day 3: Ribeiro Wine Region

After a small transfer to Spain across the River Minho, we arrive at Ribeiro Wine region. Starting from San Clodio Monastery the hike crosses several small villages. Grey and green will be present all over as we pass thru granit Villages and patches of the Ribeiro Wine vineyards and forest. The path follows the river Avia via old ways that linked the monastery of San Clodio and the little hillside hamlets. Enjoy this medieval atmosphere and the scenery of Galicia. A hidden Galicia not known outside of Spain or even to the Galicians. Discover these unique valleys and people that live and cultivate the vineyards around in a symbiosis with the land. After the wine tasting will be transfer to one of the most scenic towns of Ourense province where we will stay 2 nights Allariz is a unique mediaeval town by the Arnoia River. Perfect place to enjoy a Mancia Grape wine, from the Ribeiro….. 8h30 Transfer Monção to Leiro (Galicia) (80km – 1h30) 11h (SP) – Circular Hike HIKE | 13.8km | 4H - 5H | +560m | -560m 16h End Hike 16h15 Transfer to Allariz (50km – 1h) Wine tasting during transfer at Wine Estate in Ribadavia 18h Check in at Hotel 21h00 Diner Included » Breakfast + Lunch box + Wine tasting + Diner.

Day 4: Ribeira Sacra Wine Region

The Heroic Vineyards!!! Yes, the incredible slopes of the Sil River are of tremendous work. The schist slopes are so small and narrow that only a single line of vines is planted. And work must be done by hand, including the harvest. To help that a kind of rail is install in some of the slope to ease the work and bring the grapes to places where they can be transported from. The hike in this area will take our steps to beautiful viewpoints and into the vineyards. Ribeira Sacra is a terroir with more than 2000 years of vine crop. But only a few decades ago that obtain the DOC denomination. Come experience the area… 9h00 Transfer Allariz to Parada de Sil (45km – 1h00) 10h15 Circular Hike HIKE | 11,3km | 3H - 4H | +630m | -630m 16h15 End Hike 16h30 Transfer Parada de Sil a Allariz (45km – 1h00) Wine tasting while on transfer 18h30 arrival at Hotel 21h00 Diner Included » Breakfast + Lunch box + Wine tasting + Diner.

Day 5: Douro Wine Region Favaios Wine

Favaios is a small Town in Portugal rural area of the Douro. High on top of the Valley and at some distance of the River Douro, it offers a perfect area to produce a white grape. Muscatel Grape, the one used to produce the Fortified wine of Favaios. The plateau is very scenic, with the vineyards spreading all around. Favaios village, one of the wine villages of Portugal will be our starting point to discover this area of the Douro. Hiking along the rows and rows of vine discover how to produce this unique wine so unknow to the wine lovers outside Portugal. One of our stop, is to taste wines of the region, another is to find why the bread is the second way of knowing Favaios. Bread and wine were alway together in Portugal… 9h00 Transfer Allariz to Favaios (200km – 2H) 10h00 (PT) arrival Favaios 10h15 Circular Hike +/- 11km HIKE | 11,5km | 3H - 4H | +230m | -230m 16h00 End of Hike Wine tasting during Hike 16h15 transfer to Hotel (40min) 17h05 Check in Hotel 20h00 Diner Included » Breakfast + Lunch box + Wine tasting + Diner.

Day 6: Salzedas and Ucanha Vineyards

The Salzedas Monastery is deeply linked to our country history. Here our first king was taught and not far a treaty sign giving birth to Portugal… This Cistercian monk community was in contact with their brothers in Champagne… And Champagne stile wine were, and still are produced in the Varosa area of the Douro. History is all around, as we walk thru the vineyards. From the Saint James pilgrimage to the mediaeval bridges and walkways that cross Salzedas and Ucanha Wine villages. Our day finishes at Lamego, an amazing town full of character…. 9h30 Transfer to Ucanha (45min – 35km) 10h30 Circular Hike HIKE | 8,5km | 3H - 4H | +370m | -370m Wine tasting at Murganheira during hike 15h00 End Hike 15h30 transfer to Hotel in Lamego 16H15 Check In Hotel Lamego Life & Spa Hotel 20h00 Diner Included » Breakfast + Lunch box + Wine tasting + Diner.

Day 7: Douro Atlantico

The Douro valley, today is no longer in the denominated area. Here the weather is no longer dry, and we are in the influence of the milder and moistened winds of the Atlantic. This hike will show how much a mountain chain can affect the wine culture. The Oceanic Douro Wine region is better suited for green wines, and other culture as we will find. The hike is going thru the terraces of cherry trees, olive trees and vineyards. No longer just vineyards but a mixture of different crops. The trails we use todays are linking old villages some older than others but representing the Douro region and people…. 9h00 Transfer To São Martinho de Mouro (20km -30min) 10h30 Circular Hike HIKE | 8.8km | 3H - 4H | +560m | -560m 15h30 End Hike 15h45 Transfer to Porto (1h30) 17h30 Check in Hotel 20h00 Diner Included » Breakfast + Lunch box + Diner.

Day 8: End of tour

Breakfast Transfers to Airport End of Tour Included » Breakfast.


Without doubt the itinerary with the most historical tradition in the Camino de Santiago.


A coastal route along which you can enjoy History and nature.


A luxury gastronomic experience along the historical north way to Santiago.